• Apparently Supports both Public & Private Cloud
  • Highly Scalable
  • Expand your network as per demand
  • No geographical barrier

Multi Screen

  • Supports LFDs, Normal HDMI Displays, LED boards, Video Walls
  • Smart Screens - Android based displays & Commercial Displays.

Layout Designer

  • Create screen layouts like PowerPoints
  • Save as Template and Reuse
  • Multiple number of zones/screen sections

Advanced Scheduler

  • Innovative Campaign mode scheduler to manage large networks
  • Schedule a Playlist and dynamically add Contents on the Playlist
  • Real-Time Sync & Playback

Rich Content

  • Supports Multimedia contents
  • Supports Videos of all formats
  • 4K Video Support
  • Supports Live contents from Web & Third Party Apps

Web Signage

  • Built-in Signage application on browser
  • No media player required for each display
  • Design signage on HTML5
  • Play Signage offline with powerful caching  
  • Optimizing network bandwidth with media accelerator

Live streaming

  • Live Broadcast/Streaming through YouTube & Livestream.com
  • Custom integration with streaming service provider and multicast capability
  • Signage Content along with Live Streaming Capabilities

Plugin and Widget

  • Live Twitter & YouTube
  • Time & Weather
  • RSS Feeds
  • Build Your Custom Plug-Ins

3rd Party Integration

  • Easy 3rd  Party Application Integration
  • Quick & Easy integration with Web Applications
  • Integration with 3rd Party API
  • Supports Live TV along with Signage Content


  • User access control based on function & roles
  • User access on display groups
  • Secured communication through SSL (Secured Socket Layer)
  • Additional security layer offered by AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Remote management

  • Reporting on Network issues & Downtime & Player health
  • Troubleshoot, Upgrade & Maintain Devices Remotely

Proof of play and analytics

  • Exhaustive reporting on display uptime & health
  • Campaign reports (impressions, durations)
  • APIs to build  custom reports

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